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About Beams

Synchronizing your business world.

Beams employs the best in the business, nothing less. our employees are our powerful assets. we’re highly-skilled, creative, and passionate. together, as a community, we encourage, empower, and help each other to be even better and smarter – to produce better outcomes for you.

We are committed to innovate and improve our product and services continuously to satisfy our client’s dynamic requirements with the ultimate objective of increasing the productivity, efficiency, and profitability of customer business.We are trusted by our clients and have a reputation for the best services in the field.

We strongly believe in and implement Quality Standards at each and every level, stage, and aspect of our business processes to make sure that we deliver products and services that will far exceed the expectations of our clients.

Our story

Beams is among the ERP software pioneers. Founded in 2007 in Dubai by  Shahim EP with a clear vision: by delivering affordable, flexible and easy to use solutions to become one of the leading partner for business management services in the GCC  . Through the efforts of a team of visionary software engineers and consultants, we developed Beams ERP – a purpose-built Customized ERP solution for all businesses to integrate and centralize all data, information and processes of any company into a unified system. We have offered our products, services and solutions that are of international standards with much lesser cost of ownership to the client.

The word ‘Beams’ in our name reflects our funneling strategies, the beam will optimize your business challenges by our flexible management software. Over the past 14 years, Professional Advantage has grown to a team of 25 employees across two offices. We have worked with over 1,000+ clients and completed over 500+ projects in the past 10 years. In 2019, Beams has extended its services in India too. We’ve grown organically and expanded worldwide. No investors, just our own success. We embody classic mid -market success, borne out of the creativity of our motivated team. 


Managing Director

I am delighted to connect with our customers and prospective customers through the medium of the web.When we launched Beams over a decade ago, our intention was to create a well-known IT solution provider in the UAE. It was a humble beginning,and Beams has gone through many ups and downs over the years to reach its destination as a full-figured and successful IT organization.

The changes in IT during this period have been mind-boggling. What made Beams unique and successful throughout these years is its  swiftness to embrace the challenges of time and its fascination towards innovations.

It was following my extensive academic background, and experience in creating three other ERP applications that the concept of Beams ERP was first formulated. We are so glad that Beams ERP was first formulated. We are so glad that Beams ERP has stood the test of time and is now considered as one of the most cost-effective and customized allocations in the UAE.

Now Beams is also familiar in all the GCC countries and major nations in the Indian subcontinent.I’d like to acknowledge my debt to all those who have supported Beams to gain this esteemed status. We still cherish the spirit and passion we had when we started out, and we are always here to make the difference you wish to achieve in your business. 

We are trusted by more than 1500+ clients.

Beams IT solutions is a company registered in Dubai engaged in the business of software development, consulting, outsourcing and web based solutions. Beams is well established and successful in UAE providing cutting edge high quality IT and ITES solution to our clients.

Our 18+ years of experience as the leading ERP software partner in the GCC markets,  shows our passion and knowledge in every industries. As an IT group Beams is committed in providing quality product and services with ultimate objective of increasing productivity, efficiency and profitability of the customer business.

So we can give you the optimal software solutions for the problem you are facing in your industry.Explore the best ERP Software in Dubai

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Proud to be a 2021 best software award winner.

Let us synchronizing your business world..


In order to effectively manage and run a successful organization, You will need a management software like ours. Using the following four-step problem-solving process, solutions for issues can be found.

Define the problem

Generate New Ideas

Choose the right solution

Implement and evaluate

Years of experience
International Customers

World-Class Support for Your Business

We work all hours for you, But

Like to call it 8:00 to 6:30  🙂

The Beams support team has a global support system and a 24* 7 technical helpline for you to educate about your issues and resolve them, and we are guaranteed to provide online/onsite/telephone technical support based on the problem you are facing.In the warranty period, we will send a qualified and highly experienced technical expert to your office for implementing the Software Package. We will also offer continued support of the IT software package for the following year through the annual maintenance contract (AMC).

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