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BitsTrade General Trading Software in UAE

A successful Trading & Distribution company relies on the right mix of tools and systems to manage sourcing, as well as to deliver goods to customers on time.Using Beams ERP solutions for trading business can increase efficiency and streamline workflows. As a result, productivity will increase and ROI will be guaranteed. 

By Automating sales, purchase, inventory, accounting, and a host of other core processes within an enterprise business reduces risks and solves challenges. Trading business management software allows businesses to maintain a profitable business by complying with government policies, industry regulations, and trade standards.

Beams Logistics & Supplychain Management Software in Dubai, UAE | Warehouse Management System in Middle East | Courier Management Software

ERP software for general trading  – Modules

With modern technologies, we have designed ERP trading software Dubai that helps organizations modernize their work environments, restructure their commercial processes, and enjoy unified experiences.With trading ERP software UAE, companies can manage a wide range of processes in the trading business






Import & Exports




The Advantages of trading ERP software in UAE are;

  • Increased Productivity.
  • Real-time information.
  • Improved Sales & Revenue.
  • Control Labor and Operational Costs.
  • Document notification system.
  • Implement Financial Controls.
  • Document management system.
  • Practical and Real-time Inventory.
  • Excellent Control over Stock.
  • Mass mailing features.
  • Control Customer Credit Limits.
  • Operational dashboards,
  • Electronic approval system.
  • Manage Multiple Branches & Locations.
  • Improved Accounting & Organized Expenses.
  • User Access Controls.
  • Easier PDC Administration System.
  • Customize Dashboards & Workflows.
  • Profit and Loss Summary & Comparison.
  • Payroll Processing
  • Sales Summary.
  • Security and audits trails.
  • Sales Order, Job Order, Summary.
  • Faster Quotations, Purchase Orders.
  • Document Import & Export.
  • Supplier Master and Item Master.
  • Customer Outstanding & Supplier Outstanding.
  • Statement of Accounts (Customer, Supplier, Vendor)
  • Bank Reconciliation, Analysis, Trial Balance

Key functions

The core functions of beams general trading ERP are;

  • Allows clients to work with a variety of reports conveniently 
  • Allows document authorization, Authorization can be given to various levels of clients with access limitations by various authorization levels
  • Offers inquiry follow up
  • Get quotes and analysis
  • Offers inventory management
  • Offers import and local purchase
  • Has invoice designer
  • Better management of HR & Payroll
  • Has fixed assets
  • Offers extended sales invoice
  • Offers hassle-free PDC management
  • Get cost center wise ledger analysis
  • Easier cheque printing
  • Offers key process indicators
  • Generates business intelligence reports that depend on various client parameters
  • Manages your workflow in a customized way
  • Amount wise and inventory wise variance and budgeting
  • Analysis of expenses and revenue cost center wise
  • Graphical representations of expenses and revenue
  • Cost center collection in a multi-dimensional way
  • An electronic documentation authorization which is multi-level
  • Internal messaging systems for users
  • High-speed interactive system reports
  • Intelligent dashboard system for triggers and alerts

Why BitsTrade Trading Software?

As with all other industries and supply chains, trading is sensitive and competitive. So, it is crucial to have intelligent trading ERP software like Beams on hand to streamline operations, optimize expenses, and improve profit and efficiency. A company can maintain industry standards, reduce risks, offer legally compliant services, and perform consistently in the market with ERP trading software, UAE.

With 16 years of history and versatility, Beams is one of the most renowned ERP trading solutions in the Middle East, implementing over 4000 projects. The ERP software enables VAT implementation, Artificial Intelligence integration, fully digitalized and perfectly crafted ERP applications for the commercial industry (footwear, logistics, supply chain, apparel, building materials, automobiles & spare parts, textiles, wholesale, retails, etc.).

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