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ERP for Extrusion

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The aluminum extrusion market was valued at 19.1 Mn MT in 2019. It is expected to reach 24.3 Mn MT by 2025. Increasing construction of green buildings and growth within the automotive industry are driving industry growth. Extruded aluminum is lightweight and recyclable, which makes it ideal for the fabrication of automobile parts. It is 100% recyclable, which makes aluminum well-suited for industrial applications.

ERP for Aluminium Extrusion & Profiles

Aluminium is used today in many industries, including aviation, manufacturing, packaging, and others. In addition to its strength, malleability, and corrosion resistance, aluminum delivers solid quality that makes it popular for use in industrial applications. Extruded aluminum is 100% recyclable, lightweight, and is used mostly in the fabrication and manufacturing of automobile parts.

 Industries that mostly using aluminium: 

  • Manufacturing 
  • Packaging 
  • Aviation
  • Architectural
  • Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Energy etc.

With Beams ERP integrated into your aluminium extrusion company, you can easily monitor the production, finance, asset, packing, quality management, pre Sales, and dispatch modules by increasing efficiency in the extrusion process. 

Whether you’re a commercial business or a public sector organisation, we can provide software and services that will enable you to reimagine your goals from a new perspective.

A solution for aluminium extrusion plants

Beams Extrusion management Solution is a system designed to increase productivity and quality.This solution allows you to manage several presses/pallets and several mills in order to control production flows and process data logistically.

Work order Rescheduling Work Order Addition Work Order Releasing Production Process Powder Coating Process



Die Shop Management



Order Processing Extrusion Planning
Accounts and Finance Management Procurement And Inventory



Fixed Asset Management HRM And Payroll Management 
Wood Coating Process Crimping Process Brushing Process Polishing Process Anodizing Process
Grit Process Packing Billet Consumption Dispatching And Delivery
  •   Billet Purchase
  •   Die Purchase
  •  Material Purchase
  •   Die Purchase
  •   Die Replacement
  •   Die Scrap
  •   Die Depreciation
  •   Die Manufacturing
  •  Mill Finish Planning
  •  Powder coating
  •  Wood coating
  •  Anodizing
  •  Crimping

Mill Finish Planning

 The raw material is suspended for processing of extrusion die in a desirable shape.

  Powder Coating

   In order to maintain durability, rust resistance, and high performance, powder coating is applied.                                

  Wood Coating 


   Anodizing is the process of immersing metal into the electrolyte and passing electric current converting it to rust-resistant decorative metal. 


  •   Mill Finish Planning
  •   Powder coating
  •   Wood coating
  •   Anodizing
  •   Crimping
  •   Mill Finish Planning
  •   Powder coating
  •   Wood coating  
  •  Anodizing
  •   Crimping
  •    Option to generate packing sticker
  •   The production process for mill finish
  •   Production aging process
  •   Quality check
  •   Pallet Management

Why beams ERP?

The Beams ERP for Metal and Mineral Profiles Industry provides Production Planning and monitoring of various stage-wise processes, which are key requirements for this industry. We are one of the best Aluminium Extrusion Manufacturing ERP Software in Dubai providing complete visibility across all supply chains, including logistics, inventory, and financials.

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