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Beams FM System

Facilities Management Software In Dubai.

Dubai, UAE. APPOINTMENT: +971 5519 347 52
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About FMS

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We know you have a lot of work to schedule, assign, and track – Beams  facility management solution in Dubai,UAE is a cloud-based management tool that provides organizations with flexible and creative ways to manage commercial and residential buildings. In addition to taking care of the properties, assets, customers, and residents, it provides timely and accurate maintenance requests to tenants.

There are many advantages to using building management software for managing effective FM services, such as managing service & repair requests, pre- and post-maintenance, complaints and tickets, purchasing requirements, employee management and wage billing. By using it, FM companies can dynamically meet the requirements of tenants and properties. It allows organizations to supervise service needs and facilities on time—saving time, energy, and money.

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It is a smart choice to use a facilities management solution to simplify a variety of operations such as allocating technicians, registering requests and complaints, approving purchases, and managing accounting.

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UAE's No. 1 Facility Management System | Beams Building Maintenance Software in Dubai

Features of beams maintanance and service.

Facility management software helps facility managers improve performance and productivity by automating workflows.

Master Records

Inbuilt Accounting & Finance

Intelligent Job Scheduling


Allocation of employee & Supervision

Integrated Inventory & Purchase Modules

Centralized Workspace

Ticket, Lead Registration

Inbuilt CRM

Mobile App Support

Improved Team Collaboration and Communication

Secure Document Handling

One-click MIS Reports & Forecasts

Interactive Dashboards

Manage Custom Shortcuts

Tenancy Administration

Maintenance Checklists

Facility Tracking & Transferring

User Access Controls

Sales & Purchase of Facility

Depreciation Calculation

Post & Preventive Maintenance Schedule

Key Functions of FMS

  • Planned & Scheduled Maintenance
  • Material Bill
  • Allocation of service requests
  • Allocation of Resources
  • Prioritizing tasks
  • Issue Work Orders
  • Status of work completion
  • Submit your MIS reports
  • Repairs & Services History
  • Receive and register requests
  • Reschedule Job
  • Service Contract
  • Lead Generation
  • Inspection Checklists
  • Work Order Completion Status
On-hand management

Experience our App for maintanance & service in FMS.

Make workplaces more agile, connected, and efficient with this app, which can be used on iOS and Android devices.

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Beams Facilities Management App.

Beams FMS mobile app enhances workforce performance and increases customer service.Engineers and contractors have easy access to the software on the move. By using Beams FMS, inspections, audits and maintenance will be streamlined, since jobs can be received, updated and closed faster. By using Beams FMS app your employees can quickly request spare parts, capture photos of asset condition, and maintain customer records. 

This enables real-time information exchange between your office staff and remote workers, reducing the time it takes to rectify mistakes and improving the efficiency of facilities.

  • Manage facilities property & maintenance .
  • Real-time dispatch of work orders & job management make rectifications quicker.
  • Minimize data entry times and improve efficiency of job management .
  • By allowing field-based workers to record job details as they can observe them so it will result in the improvement of accuracy.
  • Taking photos of assets and buildings to provide evidence of their condition / quality
  • Scan QR codes to access asset data
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