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Specially made for petrolium utilities

Oil & Gas Industry Utility Management ERP Software in UAE

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Top #1 Oil & Gas Industry Utility Management ERP Software in Dubai | Abu Dhabi | Best Oil & Gas Software in UAE, Middle East

Growing Projects, in Petrolium Industry.

Oil and gas companies face a variety of challenges when managing onshore & offshore infrastructure, ranging from safety risks to high installation and operating costs. For onshore assets, you need a solution that spans across critical functions. An industry-tested solution can prevent offshore structures from failing. In order to gain the full value of an asset throughout its lifecycle, you need to manage all the information on a single platform.

With the help of our Oil and Gas Utility Management Software Solution in Dubai, You can lower your costs, decrease your risk, and improve your performance. Using our software solutions, project managers  can plan, implement, manage, monitor, and evaluate the entire asset lifecycle, from operations to gas delivery. We have 16 years of industry experience, so we know what to expect.

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Secure and Compliant Operations.

Specially made to increase profitability and productions, minimize shutdowns in your industry. because your time is precious for us.

  • Gas Bulk Purchases
  • Gas Tank Inventory Management
  • Gas Cylinder management
  • Gas Meter reading for commercial and residential units.
  • Manage Contracts
  • Bulk Supply and management
  • Automatic Invoices & Receipts
  • Automatic emails for invoices & receipts
  • Reminder emails & SMS for outstanding balances.
  • Meter reading with Android & IOS mobile applications.
  • Bill collector reading & self-meter reading facility

PDA Application

PDA Application for meter reading, invoice  & receipt

Tracking Assets

With cylinder asset management features, you can track assets by serial number and barcode tags as well as sell gas by cylinder or volume.

Tracking Trucks

You can easily track delivery trucks and where they are headed. And also easily choose which truck, route, and date to assign an order to.

Bulk gases & Propane Management

With bulk gases and propane management, you can maximize efficiency by managing bulk tank assets, pricing, and order processing and billing.

Cylinder Rental Sales

Process everything from sales and service to rentals and cylinder transactions in a single order.

Inventory Management

Manage gas, hard goods, and rental inventory with inventory management.

User Accounts

It allows Users to log into their accounts, pay invoices, place orders, and view signed tickets, as well as see their order history.

Integration with Website

Easily manage & Integration with Website & payment gateway

Be Smart with Beams Meter Reading App.

Gas supply, meter reading, and utlity management made easy with our on-demand application.A smart mobile app that provides extensive way to manage entire gas oprations. This Gas Meter Reading app for commercial and residential units.

Gas Meter Reading App for Commercial and Residential Units in UAE-Specifications.

Gas new connection & disconnection

Bulk supply & management

Manage Contract

Automatic invoices and receipts

Gas cylinder management

Delivery truck tracking

Salient features

Bill collector reading

Daily closing & notifications

Gas Meter & billing module for ADNOC

Gas tank inventory management

Accounting solutions

Gas contract settlement

Reading corrections

Tenant shifting

Tablet app for gas meter billing system

Allocate & manage project costs

Why Beams Gas Management System Software?

By integrating our software with your existing business processes, you can streamline your document management and collaborate more efficiently with outside contractors and suppliers. You can reduce cost, improve performance, and meet safety challenges by implementing Beams Gas distribution management software. From design to construction and operation, our software solutions support your asset lifecycle.

With our software solutions, you can plan effectively, order materials safely, manage projects, and build assets efficiently. Our unmatched industry expertise and advanced technology help you achieve global standards.

Top #1 Oil & Gas Industry Utility Management ERP Software in Dubai | Abu Dhabi | Best Oil & Gas Software in UAE, Middle East

Gas Distribution ERP Software Dubai – Features

  1.  Project cost estimation

In the estimation process, monetary costs are planned, tracked, and controlled so that they can be forecast accordingly.

  • Enquiry Level Estimation
  • Bidding Level Estimation
  • Final Level Estimation
  • Estimation Freezing Level
  • Addition and Variations Level

2. Progressive Invoice

3. Procurement and inventory

Companies need to purchase goods, services, and works from external sources and maintain inventories of materials, equipment, and stock to be successful. This requires strategic planning as well as maintaining inventories. It includes:

  • Material Request
  • Supplier Quotation Request

  • Supplier Quotation Analysis
  • PO Creation
  • Goods Receipt
  • Goods Receipt Return
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Purchase Return
  • Stock issue of Project
  • Stock issue return from Project
  • Stock Adjustment
  • Opening Stock
  • Multiple Costing Methods
    (a) FIFO

    (b) Weighted Average Method
    (c) LIFO

4. Project Profitability And Its Comparison with Estimation

5. Project Income and Expense Analysis

6. Project Milestone and Its Comparisons

Here are some of the processes that occur in a gas plant. We can facilitate bulk gas management solutions and effective planning to execute the project.

  • Gas purchase
  • Gas tanker receiving
  • Bulk gas supply contract
  • Tanker schedule management
  • Tank filling
  • Tank filling return


  • Tanker transfer
  • Tanker adjustment
  • Bulk gas sales employees (wholesale invoice)
  •  Monthly price list
  •  App for bulk operation
  •  Gas tanker return 

It provides full protection to the entire system and its resources. An AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) is an agreement with a service provider for the repair and maintenance of property used by any company.

  •  Visit and invoice schedule 
  •   Schedule reminders 
  •   Contract cancellation  
  •   Application for AMC- operations, and maintenance

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