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Leading Construction Management Software Solutions in Dubai | Contractig Project Management ERP Software in Dubai, UAE, Middle East "
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1000+ Projects rely on Beams, Your’s should too..

Bits construction management software is a leading solution in the United Arab Emirates. For contracting projects, we offer specially designed & highest quality ERP software. Using our automated, customizable ERP software, you can simplify all your construction-related challenges.

With Beams project management software, data can be quickly retrieved and managed using the interactive dashboard. Depending on your responsibilities and priorities, users can customize the modern dashboard. Being an online solution with mobile and cloud access, Project management system Dubai allows users to communicate with team members and request or authorize work online.

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Revolutionary Build-Key Features

Manage your projects, resources and financials in one open easy-to-use platform.

Manages Project Sales and Execution

Project wise material and cost control

Project Revenue analysis & MIS

Real-time integration with finance

Project Profitability and budget analysis

Supporting Mobile applications for time sheet and MIS

Advanced & Innovative MIS Repots

Project time sheet with Supervisor/Engineer control

SMART-Designed for how you actually build

The management of large projects involves the use of different software products to control different phases of the project, such as tendering, finance & cost control, commercial, estimation & budget, engineering, procurement & subcontract, manufacturing, fabrication, construction, installation, commissioning, interior fit-outs and joinery projects..

We integrate these steps into a single, integrated process, pulling data on real-time activities directly into a project plan. As a result, the ultimate in control and visibility is attained, allowing you to monitor costs, cash flows, time, resources, and risks in real time. In essence, we offer a true project-based solution instead of repetitive processes built around project management principles.

Leading Construction Management Software Solutions in Dubai | Contractig Project Management ERP Software in Dubai, UAE, Middle East "

Construction Modules

The use of project management software enables companies to validate leads efficiently, conduct feasibility studies, budget precisely, and offer proposals on time. By using the work-breakdown-structure, the engineer can determine the costs associated with each stage of the project independently as per budget.

Contracting management software UAE provides mobile access, which allows site supervisors or engineers to report on time to the respective managers.

Additionally, it allows the user to upload images, documents, and other datasheets for discussion, approval, and submission.

Finance & Accounts

It helps to efficiently manage all processes such as material, labor, tools, and equipment, subcontracts, and the operational overheads.

Project Management

It helps businesses manage their projects with ease


Stores management is simplified by the software

Purchase & Sub-contract Management

The procurement process will be organized, and the project will proceed steadily without delays.

Sales Management

It helps users reduce risks neatly, increase profit and revenue, and achieve operational excellence by giving them enhanced reports and Business insights.

HR & Payroll

The software automates HR-related functions such as keeping track of employee timesheets, overtime, absences, leaves, shifts and other wage matters.

Equipments & Assets

It is possible to track and manage all assets in your company with the software.

Estimation & Budget Control

With the Beams ERP for construction industry, users can streamline budget preparation, BOQ generation, BOM submissions, and approval processes.

Construction Management Software Solutions in Dubai.

Features of our construction management ERP software:

Case Studies
  • A good work breakdown structure
  • Live tracking of costs
  • Calculate variances between budgeted and actual charges
  • A cost-effective way to manage expenses
  • Generating intelligent BOQs
  • The Drill-Down Facility
  • Approval in real time
  • Request for material online
  • Handling Livestock and Inventory
  • Supplier portal integrated with ERP
  • Multi-Quote Comparison
  • Approvals & Authorizations are real-time
  • Managing employee schedules and allocations
  • Timesheets & Job Allocation
  • The Employee Self-Service Portal
  • Overtime and Holiday OT Control
  • Supervision of assets (toolsequipmentmachinery)
  • Record and track the use of assets
  • Utilizing assets intelligently and reducing costs
  • Regulation of Subcontracts
  • Payments to subcontractors

A construction ERP solution combines cloud and premise versions that give businesses different features and support. In addition, it has a mobile application that manages site activity. By integrating intelligent and insightful tools into the solution, Construction ERP can  increase the productivity and performance of your construction company.
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Best ERP Solutions for Construction Companies in Dubai, UAE.


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