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Restaurant Billing POS Software In Dubai

Manage your shop’s front, Everything you need in the back of the shop in between.

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Restaurant 'Invoicing''Inventory''Recipes''Order Taking''Management''Procurement''Reporting'


Beams has a leading point-of-sale solutions for the food & beverages industry, built on 15+ years of development experience. With intuitive touch screen terminals and hand-held devices, you can simplify your restaurant daily activities. Our POS system can be customized to fit any restaurant size to increase efficiency. Beams restaurant POS systems has been installed in some of the biggest landmark restaurants across in Dubai and GCC countries.

Beams Restaurant Management Software helps restaurants manage all aspects of their business. It includes POS (point of sale) software for ordering food and beverages, inventory tracking, employee scheduling, and much more.
Restaurant Management POS System in Dubai,UAE | Food Delivery Services Software in UAE, Middle East

The Simplest, Food & Beverage POS Software In Dubai

Beams POS Works seamlessly with Restaurants Of All Formats In Dubai, UAE.

Restaurant Billing Software

Food Court Billing Software

Canteen Management

Coffee Shop Billing Software

Bakery Billing Software

Food Truck POS Software

Pizza Shop Billing Software

Juice Shop Billing Software

4000+ implementations

POS for Restaurants.

130+ Integrations To Manage Payments, Orders, Food Delivery & More…

The software includes functionality such as bill splitting, loyalty programs, membership programs, table management, and many integrations from accounting packages to online booking.Our restaurant POS systems can also integrate with your back office operations, maintaining stock control, invoicing, and even stocktake in real time. With easy order transmission from the POS to the kitchen, your restaurant will mesh like never before. Your tables will turn more quickly, and your customers will be happier and more loyal.

BitsBistro Dev by Beams IT Solutions | Restaurant Management Software System in UAE

Order Taking

Beams Restaurant Management System has an order taking feature that allows waiters to place orders through the app. This makes it easy for customers to place orders without having to wait in line at the register. It also helps reduce errors when placing orders because there is no paper involved.

Inventory Control.

Beams Restaurant Management System has an easy-to-use interface that allows users to easily view and update inventory levels. This makes it easier to keep track of what products are available at each location.

Finance & Accounts

Beams Restaurant Management system also offers financial reporting features that allow restaurants to track sales, expenses, and profits. These reports can be generated by the restaurant owner or manager so they can see what’s going on in real time.

Mobile app ios and android

Beams Restaurant Management System has an iOS and Android mobile app that allows users to access their data from anywhere. This makes it easy for managers to keep up with the status of their business at any given moment.

Order Taking

Recipe Management

Table Booking

Take Away

Online Delivery

Self Ordering KIOSK

Purchase & Inventory

Loyalty Program

Finance & Accounts

Digital Menu

Third-party App

Central CRM

‘A Recipe’ For Order Taking Process..

Consolidate Order Taking Through Bits Bistro.

Sleek, Smart and Efficient Platform for Restaurant Waiters.

Now the time for digitalize your order taking process on a single tap. Our restaurant order taking mobile application will save you time and money by replacing cumbersome vendor order guides. Using a tablet or smartphone, you can take orders within minutes.

  • Modern & Simple UI
  • Smart Ordering (QR-code)
  • Customizable Menu
  • Table Status and Reservation
  • Order Tracking
  • Table Scanning & Booking
  • Automatic printing
  • Quick Order Facility
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Restaurant Management POS System in Dubai,UAE | Food Delivery Services Software in UAE, Middle East

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Which is most commonly used restaurant management system?

The best software for restaurant management is Beams Bistro. By using the solution you can manage Point of sale, Inventory, CRM, Scheduling & time management, Table Management, Financial management, Loyalty programs, Business Intelligence & analytics.

‘A Recipe’ For Creative Process

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