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Best HRMS & Payroll Software in Dubai

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HRMS in Dubai

Modernize your HR, onboard new employees, manage hiring, and HR workflows on one platform, Streamline your business with our fully-integrated Payroll and HR Management solution (HRMS) in Dubai.

The best application for HR professionals and business owners for managing their employees. The pandemic* has caused more than one-third of businesses to re-evaluate their existing HR solutions. 

Now is the time to take advantage of our comprehensive HR technology, put workforce insights into action,Our dynamic software solution simplifies procedures, reduces paperwork, and improves employee credibility by saving time and allowing excellent management of the sensitive management of the workers.

Personal Info.

You get the detailed information of all the employees in your organization.


You can Manage Payroll details with data recieved from timesheets.


You can view and manage details of salary/increment.


Advanced details about salary, benefits, and gratuity.


Management of Time Sheets/ Attendance Reports.


Using Timesheets to process payroll.


Paying staff – Cash/Bank and WPS.


Advanced details of salary Payslip.

Features of  HR & Payroll Software

Our HRMS software solutions provide meaningful insights into employee database management and simplifying document management makes HR management easier and enjoyable. It offers detailed employee master, tracking of documents, attendance time/shift management, salary management, Bonus & gratuity, Management of Loan/Advance, Overtime management, Leave management, Allowances & deductions, Assets security & Tracking, Annual leave settlement, Other staff payments, End of service..and many more features with our Best HRMS software in Dubai. Admin is automated, employees can self-serve and you can access all your centrally managed data and reports from anywhere, anytime. Our HRMS software system is also integrated with payroll software to prevent costly mistakes in payroll.

What we achieved

The thousands of completed works.

Beams HRMS software solution is a unique HRMS software solution that is built to suit every business type whether a small one or a global brand.Starting from recruitment to training and management, every aspect of human resource management is incorporated into the software.

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Best Human Resource Management System

With our extensive experience, we covered most of the HR issues a department faces. So it’s a unique combination of emplyees & employers.

What about modules? Yes that’s here.

The purpose of this document is to keep records of your employees. Each new employee who joins the company should enroll in this document.The system will store this information for future use.

Any employee who wants to take a leave may fill out this form.

First, the HR department should set up the leaves for each employee, including the type of leave and leave allowances at the time. Afterwards, each employee’s leave will be controlled by the beams system.

Any other deductions from the employee’s salary that the company has to make will be listed here. Finance / associate managers should verify accuracy every time since this will affect the salary of the employee.

In this module, the employee’s advance loan will be handled. Once the Advance loan information has been provided into the system, the system will allow periodic payments, which will be automatically added to the payroll.

An employee’s attendance is recorded in a Timesheet document, which can be accessed from an external source or manually entered.

Staff periodic pay is calculated based on the data received from Timesheets, Employee masters for basic salaries, Leave entries for deductions, Staff advance payments, Staff other deductions, etc. Once this process is completed it will reflect in the accounts. As a result, Payroll will be live with the accounts department.

Those on non-deductible leave can process their salaries. In this module, once the Leave Salary Process is complete, the system can process the payment.

Employers will provide a lot of benefits to employees. We will record this data here. The salary module will use this data to calculate salaries. This is a master that must be maintained properly as it will affect the employee’s salary. The person responsible for maintaining this master must maintain it properly.

Once the Leave salary processing is completed, the system will be able to pay the amount by this module. Staff Payments and Any other payments for employees that are allowed, approved, and given are listed here.

Upon completion of all processes, the only thing left to do is to pay the required and approved salaries. This can be paid with this document. As a very important and critical document, this will be used by the finance department.

What you get with our HRMS?

Beams HRMS uses innovative technology to simplify human resource and payroll processes. We have designed our software with excellent features to address the very basic basics of HR management and make full use of the IT infrastructure to develop a technically apt and highly functional HR/payroll software solution.We’ll help you solve your current and future HR challenges more effectively and confidently with the help of our comprehensive HR solutions:

Any questions about HRMS?

Get in touch with our skilled team to build a powerful and effective software solution that aids you in consolidating recruitment, managing careers, and organizing HR roles with precision and perfection.

Top Customized ERP Software Companies in Dubai | #1 Business Process Management Software Services in UAE, Middle East | Custom ERP Development Dubai

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