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Customized ERP

Investing in the digital future and resources.

Customized ERP Software in Dubai.

Taking the right step entails embracing digitalization.There’s no better way to get this done than implementing the Beams ERP software system Dubai for a smooth workflow. A truly advanced ERP software application built on a world-class object-oriented architecture.

We Beams IT provides tailor-made ERP solutions in Dubai for our clients. Beams offers VAT- enabled ERP software, and provides better ROI for businesses with operations excellence, customer satisfaction, profit-orientation, and gaining detailed business insights. This is why we are the best ERP software provider in UAE & Middle East. With Beams, you can manage Finance, Sales, Accounting, Taxation, Manufacturing Processes, Customer Relations, and many more things efficiently.

The program provides a central point for sharing information between different departments within an organization with improved security and lowered risks. Business owners use this information to make quick and thoughtful decisions by intelligently compiling and forecasting trends. In addition to helping you to streamline your business, this VAT-enabled accounting software helps you generate better revenue and increase productivity.

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Key features of beams ERP solutions

Any Size, Fits All – Fully Cutomizable ERP System for any sized businesses.

Fast & Ease of use

Reliable & Scalable

World-class Cloud Support

Supporting mobile & web applications

Advanced & Innovative MIS reports

ERP Software Dubai- Modules

Beams enhances operational excellence as well as productivity in any organization by being agile and customized – The platform provides you with several modules to meet your core business activities

General Trading

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Finance & Accounts

Full module

Sales & Distribution

Discover more

Facility management

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WBS/ Estimation

Full module

Project & Contracting

Discover more

HR and Payroll

Discover more

CRM Module

Discover more

Job Costing

Full module

Fixed Asset Management

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Procurement, Inventory

Full module

Production & Manufacturing.

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A world-class object-oriented architecture.

Benefits / Advantages of Beams ERP Software.

 A custom enterprise solution can be designed by our developers for you. We create top-notch, competitive cloud-based ERP software solutions that scale easily.


Improvement in Efficiency

 ERP software helps businesses operate more efficiently by eliminating repetitive tasks.


Data Security

An ERP software development company that offers the latest technology ERP system improves data security & efficiency while merging data from various systems.



ERP implementation benefits include its cost-effectiveness. Yes, it will stop you from spending money on levels where committed staff is required and invest your money on software that saves time and money.


Comprehensive Reporting

With the fast and safe data flow of ERP software, each user can generate customizable reports as per their requirements, assisting them to make business decisions faster than ever.


Complete Customization

 The best aspect of ERP systems is that they are completely customizable. Your company can select which modules are best for your needs and exclude those that are not needed.


High-Quality Customer Service

Using ERP development benefits you can create a more effective sales and customer service organization by integrating customer data, reducing manual processes, and improving productivity.

Revolutionary Features

We provide maximum customization.

Multiple Users

Multiple Branches

Multiple Store Locations

Multiple Units

User Permissions

Add-on modules

Drill Down facilities

Cheque Printing

Document Attachment

Pop up and Reminders

Email & SMS Integrations

Easy Customization

Mobile & Web Applications

Keyboard and mouse access

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