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All-in-one service software


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An ERP System for Automotive Dealerships (DMS)

No matter what you sell, whether cars, motorcycles, trucks, campers, or farm equipment, our platform is right for you. Whether you are a high volume independent dealer or a low volume dealer, Beams lets you manage, track, and report on every aspect of your dealership.Premium DMS software for automotive dealers. One platform for all your auto dealership needs in UAE.

All dealership outlets can be managed with one cloud-based auto dealer software. An intuitive dashboard shows the performance of all dealership services with an easy-to-use interface

It is designed to bring a truly digital touchless dealer experience to ensure customers stay loyal to your dealership. Our Auto Dealer software puts your customers in charge by making work operations transparent.

Managers and sales representatives will love our auto dealer software. Designed based on international automotive strategies for the most efficient operation of your auto dealership.

Tailored for Your Dealership Business

Designed specifically for your business needs

Auto Detailing Centers

All-in-one solution

Garages & Auto Repair Shops

All-in-one solution

Franchises & Multi-Store Chains

All-in-one solution

Organized and efficient dealership operations.

This system provides almost all the information you will ever need about your automotive dealer business. Everything is collected in one place.

…and so much more. Made for automotive dealerships by IT experts.

Deliver a world-class customer experience

Keeping your customers informed is easy with an automated communication system.

…and so much more. Created by experts in customer success for auto dealers.

Faster Decision Making

This dashboard provides you with every statistical information you need in order to evaluate your auto dealership business.

..and so much more. Made by dealership business success experts

Grow Your Business And Build Your Reputation

Branding solutions that are easy to implement and reduce your marketing costs.

…and much more. Designed by automotive marketing specialists for automotive dealerships

Beams DMS Software : Modules

CRM Solution Module

Equipment Service Module

Finance & Accounts

HR & Payroll Module

Manufacturing Solutions

Project Costing Module

Trading & Distribution

Warehouse Management

Fixed Assets Module

Inventory Management

Point Of Sale System

Quality Control Module

Supply Chain Management

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