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HR & Payroll Management Software Solution Dubai- HRMS Software in UAE

Beams HRMS is a software solution that incorporates innovative technology to streamline your HR and payroll processes. Our software with its excellent features addresses the very fundamental basics of Human resource management and utilizes the IT infrastructure to develop a technically apt and a super functional HR and payroll software solution.

Our constantly evolving and abreast HRMS software solutions add meaningful insights into the employee database management and help simplify document management thus making the HR management more easy and enjoyable.

Key Functions

  • Centralized employee data storage management for easy Human Resources document management
  • Payroll management for automatic retrieving of time and attendance data for payroll processing.
  • Employees can have online access to HR policies, view their leave balances, air tickets, and update their information with the employee self-service function.
  • Control what each employee or user has access to with a powerful access control engine. Privileges access
  • Be notified of the upcoming events and never ever miss out on any deadlines with our alerts and reminder feature.
  • Get reports in a few clicks with the report writing feature.
  • Mobile app to perform a wide range of activities such as leave requests, corporate metrics all on your finger tip in your mobile device.
  • Get your employees to improve their key skills with the performance management function.

Salient Features

  • With the employee data base management feature of our software you are subjected to simplified document management with a centralized employee data storage.
  • Never miss a deadline. Get smart alerts and reminders before expiry of important documents.
  • With the assets management module you can be rest assured of the items that are assigned to each employee.
  • Get insights with the powerful analytics
  • Third party integration made easy. The feature eliminates any duplicate data entry in multiple systems.
  • Configure your own leave types, with our powerful leave management feature.
Why Choose Beams HRMS?

  • Beams HRMS software solution is a unique HRMS software solution that is built to suit every business type whether a small one or a global brand.
  • Starting from recruitment to training and management, every aspect of human resource management is incorporated in the software.
  • Our dynamic software solution simplifies procedures, reduces paperwork and improves the employee credibility by saving time and allowing an excellent management of the sensitive management of the workers.
  • The software aids in streamlining the HR process, cutting costs and centralize the HR management to bring out the most efficient use of time and personnel.


So why wait. Get in touch with our skilled team to build a powerful and effective software solution that aids you in consolidating recruitment, managing careers and organizing HR roles with precision and perfection.

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